Seed Collecting at Mt Anne

MtAnneDavidReidby Head Hunter David Reid

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens staff member David Reid collecting seed of Oreobolus oligocephalus (Redsheath Cushionsedge) near Mt Sarah Jane, Southwest National Park, Tasmania.

As usual, David is laying down on the job!!

Sometimes collecting seed can be an incredibly challenging and somewhat tedious activity, but it must be done. Sometimes for very fine seed a suction device known as a ‘Pooter’ is used in the field to suck up seed. (Check it out at:

Mt Anne collecting trip. March 26th 2013. Field Trip to Mt Anne in the Southwest National Park. Part of a seedbank program to safeguard Tasmania’s alpine and conifer flora. Six collections were made on the day: Euphrasia hookeriOreobolus oligocephalus, Anisotome procumbens, Pachycladon radicatum, Milligania stylosa, Gaultheria depressa and Dracophyllum minimum. We made several stops on the day – Lots Wife, Lake Picone, Mt Sarah Jane, Eliza Plateau (around Mt Anne) and on the flight back home, Nevada Peak in the Snowy Ranges.

This trip is part of a one year funded Caring For Our Country grant to collect conifers and alpine flora from Tasmania’s World Heritage Area.

Using a Pooter in the field



Keep hunting…