About QR Codes

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What’s a QR code?

QR codes are the square, pixellated graphical codes seen throughout the Plant Hunter website. They can be encoded with different types of information- geographical locations, text, internet links, telephone numbers, and more.

We’ve posted QR codes in the physical world to serve as shortcuts to this web page. You can use a QR code scanner on a smartphone to view a code through the camera, and then be forwarded to the correct location.

We’re also installed an automatic QR code generator to the sidebar of this website. Each page on the site will have its own unique code. You can use a smartphone to scan the code on a computer or tablet screen, or on a printout.

QR Apps for Smartphones

If you need a smartphone app to read QR codes, here’s a few to try:

You can also make your own QR codes using online tools such as QRexplore.com.

Happy Scanning!