Australia has cultural links to the British Isles, but now there are botanical links as well! Some of these links are desirable – garden plants and shade trees – but others are undesirable. Several common British plants have now gone feral in the Australian landscape, and distinguishing these plants from the native bush is a key skill.

The Kew Garden and the Wellcome Trust have developed a wonderful set of teaching resources called The Great Plant Hunt.  They have graciously shared their Identikit with us.  You can browse through the pages and help you in spotting these new arrivals to the Australian landscape.

Don’t forget that here in Southern Hemisphere, everything is upside-down! So you’ll need to switch the seasons listed on these pages! Just go forward or back six months when you read the name of a month.


You can download the original PDF from the Great Plant Hunt website at Kew Gardens, or a local copy mirrored here: The-Great-Plant-Hunt-Identikit-Courtesy-Kew-Gardens.

Special thanks to Kew Gardens @ the Wellcome Trust!